Sometimes I convince my brother to help me build Farmhouse Tables & stuff :)

That’s right ladies and gentleman, we build stuff…sometimes…if my brother agrees to help me.

To date, my brother has helped me, and by help me I mean he leads and I just do what he tells me to, build a 10ft Farmhouse Table…



A West Elm knock off daybed (why does my child have a L bracket in his bed?!! Lord!)…



A desk I saw on Pinterest :)…


annndddd the most recent stuff…a farmhouse table for the current house (and another little table for the breakfast area). He’s a super cool brother!

Why buy a table when we can just build one? There is this amazing girl, out of Alaska, Ana White. She builds furniture and she has a website that gives you step by step plans how to do it.

So, I picked a very simple farmhouse table design, not like our over the top first one. It’s pretty,don’t get me wrong, but I wanted something more simple this time around. I picked this one:



It’s easier than everyone thinks it is. It tells you exactly what you need, exactly what to cut, WITH PICTURES!

So off we went to get some wood for said table. When picking the pieces, make sure they are as straight as possible. Our preference is to pick the ones that also have lots of knots and defects in the wood. When you stain it, the character of the table pops.



For this table we did not use a Krig Jig. Typically on the projects above we did use one. It’s a tool that helps bring the wood pieces together really tight for a nice finished look. So after a bunch of cuts and putting it together we have a table! I also omitted the piece going across the bottom. It’s under the table top where you can’t see it. It’s supported and works fine. Not wobbly.

The Top section is regular 2×6’s untreated. The bottom pieces are cedar. They smell amazing and also have a different texture to them.

At this point, we sanded it down until its smooth as butter.



Then we stained it. Let her dry for a few days because the smell is kind of overpowering & didn’t want that IN the house. Once she was good to go, we moved her to her permante home.




Now I need some chairs for the space, a new rug, probably get rid of that hutch and maybe do a wall of white bookshelves. 🙂 More to come.

xo – Lee


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