Counter Shopping, Back Splash Destroying, Putting It All Back Together Post. :)

Ok this post is going to be pretty large. In this post I’m going to cover shopping for the counter tops, taking out the backsplash, prepping for counters, counter install and my head is hurting already….

Let’s dive in.

Bringing it all the way back to the beginning. This is what I started with.



Added some new appliances and new flooring. Huge difference already, but let’s keep going!



My awesome rendering of the counters and  calculations. I’m sure that was all wrong but I felt like I was making progress so I went with it. Moving on.



As always, inspiration of what I wanted so I had an idea of what to look for.

So pretty! I like the contrast with the white cabinets. The farmhouse sink is lovely too. Hm…


Loving this even more! I’m a fan of the bronze faucets. The contrast looks really nice on the white.



Check out this cutie patootie! No inspiration for that needed! 😉  Concrete counters?? Do I want that kind of faucet. It seems to be very tendy these days. Why…I’m not sure….I just wasn’t feeling it.



So off we went to the granite places. To make it look like we spent one day at one place…but in reality one day was a a showroom in Lakeland & another day was spent in a huge countertop warehouse.  The warehouse was SO hot, I think we drank about 4 Orange Crushes in there in about 5 minutes. Got all hyped up and ran around the place multiple times and finally made a choice. Just kidding….we did drink 4 Orange Crushes and we did go around the place several times…



This granite was calling to me pretty hard. I liked the “sandy” look to it. It gave off a beachy kind of feel. I did like this a lot.



Another really good option. The black, white and grays.



I’ve seen these counters in houses with huge islands and they look phenomenal. It wasn’t calling to me but still very pretty.



Yes! The most busiest one I could find! Actually it was on sale. It had a crack near the top but the wonderful installer cut it out so it wouldn’t harm the durability of the counters. Plus I felt like this had bursts of fireworks in the pattern. Some Opal, some gray, off white. I was loving it & this girl was sold.



Selection made. Now….I wait. The granite had to be shipped to the installer. Installer would need to come out to my house and take measurements, make templates, then when the granite arrived they cut the granite and then install it at my casa.

BUT before they can install I had to do some work.

That back splash needs to come down.



So I told Jax to do it. 🙂 just kidding! He did help a little in the beginning. There were shards of tile flying everywhere and that’s when Mr. Jax had to step away and let the adults do this part. What a mess! haha.



There were so many huge holes. The “wall” was barely hanging on by a thread in places.



Sooooo….we ended up just doing this.



So we had to put in new drywall. NOW she’s ready for new counters!!



The installer dudes came and took out the old tops for me. Then they put down the new ones! With a new sink and new faucet. Ahhhh, so in love. 🙂



This is a house we live in so there are imperfections and dirty dishes. Whatever….but that sink is worth mentioning because I got it off Amazon for $180!! Some of the sinks I was seeing at Home Depot/Lowes were running in the 300’s. Na…. I did splurge for the faucet. It’s a Kraus. I paid $118 for it. Amazon again. The little soap dispenser was $12.50. Amazon too.



Finally, on another day, the backsplash was installed. I thought for sure I wanted the herringbone design. The zig zag pattern. To make a long story short, I went with less is more again. Kept it simple.

And here she is (Minus the outlets. Those had to be replaced too. )



So she’s almostttttt done. Just have to finish up the outlets, finish the mud on the wall where the old tile used to be, frame out the window above the sink and paint the walls. Then, the kitchen will be done. The super major stuff anyway. 😉

xo ~ Lee








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