Ugly French Doors

French Doors are actually pretty awesome. They add a little bit of something extra to a room. Something classy. Just a little bit.

The dining room area has french doors. The color of these doors are, if I had to guess, a smokers white, just without the smell. Ya, they were that bad. My initial thought was lets replace them!! Butttt…that could be expensive to replace french doors. What if I just painted them?! maybe? If it looks like crap I can always just buy new ones. 🙂

So here are the doors prior to paint:


Pretty bland. The trim around the glass was old and discolored.

So I slapped some paint on her!


As you can imagine I got some flack for not taping up the window. Meh. It is easier to just paint it and then spray it with some water and scrape off the excess. So that’s what I did.

The color for the doors I have used already on a few items in the house. Like the front door. Its a really appealing (to me anyway) dark gray. I didn’t want black so this fit perfectly.

And here she is,  all done and finished up. I really like how this came out. It contrasts nicely with the white trim and beige walls.


So the ugly doors are now one of my favorite little spots in the house. When you walk through the house it’s no longer just meh some doors its more like ohhhh french doors!! I’m a fan of contrast and this did not disappoint.

We now have pretty doors from ugly ones – just from a little paint.

xo – Lee

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