Baseboards to complete the look

I will spare you a bunch of not that fun details on this update. There are a TON of behind the scenes work that has to be done to any remodel of a house. Typically there is a huge backstory, I show you the picture of the before (yikes!) and the after (ahhh). Like POOF! it magically happened.

The things you don’t see on a simple little update like this one is:

  1. Finding an inspirational photo so I have a guide to go by.
  2. Going to the store, with my gracious brother who helps me most of the time, and him’ing and haw’ing over what size baseboard I want in the house. Do I want the shorter baseboard because it’s cheaper?? or do I want to the taller baseboard that is a bit more expensive?? Hmmm….what can I spluge on, where can I save.
  3. When I have FINALLY reached a decision, We load all the wood up and bring it home. It then sits in the garage until install date.
  4. Schedule the install for this, because sometimes time is not on my side, so another amazing dude does that for me.
  5. THEN it’s finally done. Just for baseboad.


So as you recall, new floors were just put in, but with that, I have to finish some detail work.

Inspiration photo:


Ahhh so in love. Crisp, clean and homey feeling. I even painted my front door that dark gray color. It just worked.


Don’t mind that cat toy to the left. At least…I think it’s a cat toy. Anyway…notice the floor is complete and the door, but no molding.

Then abracadabra…..


El finieto! I made that up but it fits.


I’m very glad I got the taller baseboards. It looks awesome!


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