Tile – Bye Felicia…

Starting with the floor seemed like a good plan to get ready for the kitchen remodel. So I ended up starting there as the first BIG project for the house.

Refresher pics of the tile everywhere:




Not feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I love tile that looks like wood, or big tile on the diamond can be very classy too. This was probably the original flooring for the house that was built back in the 1800’s…j/k. Just seems that old.

So the fun part of shopping for new flooring. I got a few prices for removing the existing tile and nicked that right away. No thanks. Not needed. Not my forever home. I decided to keep the existing floor and just put something over it. It had been done a thousand times before so why couldn’t I do it??!

Initially I was like hmmmm what’s the story with this vinyl laminate stuff that looks like wood??? You can put that directly over the tile, its cheap! durable, whole nine yards. Cool, lets pick a color and get rolling.

Let me show you what they have out now.



Check out those prices!! Heck ya! Very modern colors, the tile itself is flexible, so easy to cut with a razor blade. You just need a heat gun in the event you don’t put it quite right and need to move it.  I checked reviews and people loved it. It was durable, water resistant, and most importantly I did NOT have to take up my tile. That is a huge factor.

This was almost a done deal…..Almost. You also have to put down a compound that will smooth out your tiles. You can’t have the little valleys that is created by the grout lines or you will feel that when you walk on the vinyl laminate. That is expensive in itself and it would probably require me to hire someone to make sure it’s level. NEXT!

OK, what about laminate? I don’t love laminate but hey its 2017, maybe they have made some improvements.




Surprisingly, the price point was right where I wanted it to be. I did not want to spend over $2 a sq/ft for flooring. The pictures do not do justice. The planks are wide and very sturdy. PS – These are all at Lowes. I am not being paid to write that (maybe I should be though!).

The Winner?! The very last one. To me it felt like a warm cozy wood. I love it.

For the install:

Two super strong and handsome men helped me put the flooring down. Or rather, I helped them and they put the flooring down.

Lots of shenanigan’s, laughs and prep work!



And thennnnnnn….she started to transform. 🙂




Even Audi Pouty made an appearance.

Overall, the floor is awesome. It doesn’t feel cheap, it doesn’t scratch easy (that poor stove has been pulled out so many times), and completes the look with my vision. Huzzzahh!

xo – Lee


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