Planning this House

Alright, alright, allllright!

I love the look of country modern or as they call it these days farmhouse/ modern farmhouse. I grew up in the country and none of the houses I ever saw remotely looked like a “farmhouse”. Anyway, Pinterest and Interior Bloggers have dubbed it as such, so I will roll with it too.

First thing is first. THE KITCHEN!

The kitchen is probably the number one space that will sell a home. I immediately took to Pinterest to find ideas and here is what I found:

When I saw this picture, my search was pretty much over. I was set on this. This was it! Open kitchens are my thing. LOVE love love this. HOWEVER, In order to make this work, I would have to cut the cement floor open to run electric and/or water to the island since it is currently on the opposite side of the room from where the island would be. That costs a few dollars more than I was willing to spend. 😦 Saved this picture for my dream house one day. Moving on…



When searching for kitchen designs, I really try to keep in mind where my appliances and sink are already placed. The next option was to knock down the half wall and put an island with no power/water connected to it. Like you see in the pic below.  Do-able, but I kept looking. I think this kitchen below is longer than my kitchen is. Mine is more square.



Another really cute kitchen. I have always wanted a white kitchen with wood or something close to that. Hm…



This kitchen setup was almost exactly like how my kitchen layout is. We would just have to move over the fridge and knock down one wall, BUT then I would have to build the other half wall all the way up to the ceiling. Hm….That island is awesome though, especially with the built in wine rack. Yes please!



meh….So what I finally decided to just keep it simple. The current layout already gives me the most counter space. If I’m knocking down walls that will cost more $$ and I could use that money elsewhere in the house. I decided to just give it a little refresh that will make huge impacts. The cabinets were already white and in pretty good shape. So the below pics are the inspiration for new appliances, counter tops, sink and back splash. Oh and the floor will be redone as well.

White with wood, black accents and stainless steel appliances. Classic. Easy. Done.




I especially loved this picture because I have a little look through window in my kitchen. Adding these little windows would be so cute but Jax may bust them out with his daily nerf wars so I will table these for now. 🙂



XO~ Lee

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