House Tour

This was the first house that I looked at in the Summer of 2017. My MO lately has been, the first house I look at I end up buying. I do look at others but I always come back to the first. Maybe my realtor is just that good & then she humors me by showing me other houses. But I digress, I loved this house for many reasons. First, it was in a great area for a great school. Second, it was the cheapest house I found. Third, it really had potential. When I walked inside I didn’t feel cramped nor did the house feel choppy. The rooms were large and it had a few cool elements to it. It was in need of a good refresh and I was the chic to do it!


So here she is when I first bought her.

Front of the house


Front of Home


Front Entrance

Kitchen and breakfast nook over to the right. Walking in and taking an immediate right is a bathroom, bedroom and laundry room.




At this point I had a few options with the kitchen.  Possibly taking down the half walls and making it all open with a center island. Or something like  a galley kitchen. Or even, just leaving it the way it was and doing up grades.



Breakfast Nook

Cute space, lots of light. Panty is to the left there.



Dining Area

The half wall in the below pic is the same wall the kitchen stove is on. To give you perspective. It’s a pretty big area with french doors that lead out onto the covered patio (second pic). So basic. That light is kinda cute though and it’s on a dimmer for that romantic feel when we eat spaghetti-O’s for dinner.




Living Room

Open, spacious, tall ceilings, cool cut out thingys, old dingy smoke alarms! Initially, when I saw this space I could not wrap my head around how the furniture is going to occupy the space in a cohesive way. It all worked out though.

The doorway off the living room leads to the master bedroom.



Master Bedroom

Not to big not to small. The ceiling is unique and domed. Those curtains remind me of a giraffe.

The doorway leads to his and her small closest and beyond that is the obvious. More closet space!! Just kidding, its the master bath.



Master Bath

Uhhh….yoza! So much 90’s going on here. This rooms needs a lotta work. The layout isn’t bad. Sadly, no soaker tub but it does have shower doors! The last house didn’t and my butt was always cold taking a shower. So I was stoked for those.



Other Bedroom & Bathroom

The fan, the floor…the everything. No where to go from up right?!



2nd Bathroom

The gold shower doors have to do ASAP. I just can’t do it. This bathroom is actually pretty roomy. I wish I had a better pic. Next time when we renovate this I will take more.



Alright guys, there you have her. That is my canvas, my starting point, my dream that I have always wanted to do…flip a house.

Wish me luck! lol

XO ~ Lee

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